About us

Founded in 1999 our organization is Canada’s foremost producer of High Performance Antenna Systems. We develop state of the art systems that maximize user experience for Radio Astronomy, Radar, Electronic Warfare, Deep Space and Satellite Communication. We also distribute microwave products used for nuclear physics research, linear accelerators, defense and satcom applications.
Along with our continued growth, we are also committed to corporate social responsibility, which includes responsibility to our customers, our employees and the communities where we work. Our values are well defined and communicated throughout our organization and are reflected passionately onto our products.

Mission Statement

  • Mission: Offer state of the art Antenna Systems at very competitive prices, on time and on budget.
  • Vision: To be the preferred and most sought after antenna manufacturer in the market.
  • Values: We value integrity, customer focus, creativity, efficiency and respect highly motivated people and team spirit.


InterTronic Solutions Inc. is an antenna manufacturer based upon understanding developed during over forty years of involvement in Scientific, Military and Aerospace systems. This experience covers defense systems including EW, surveillance and radar systems, satellite communications systems, remote sensing and radio astronomy.

Some notable projects include:

  • Collaboration with NASA, JPL and other parties to establish the requirements and configuration for 12m Cassegrain antennas for deep space and radio astronomy applications. Resulted in 12 antennas in total to customers including NASA, CSIRO in Australia (for the SKA project) and AUT in New Zealand
  • Incumbent Antenna System provider for NASA’s VLBI 2010 program. Systems at the US Naval Observatory at Koke’e Park Geophysical Observatory in Hawaii and  MGO.
  • 15m Offset Antenna System using our High Performance pedestal at Hatcreek.
  • Prime focus high performance 12m Antenna Systems for the US NAVY.
  • Deep Space Radars for the US Air Force. Combination of 15m and 12m High Performance Systems
  • 15m High Performance Tactical Radar Systems for the US Air Force.
  • Array of 2.1 m Systems (9 Systems) for enhanced solar array radio telescope project in Owens Valley CA.
  • 7m V-Band High Performance Systems for a Space Data Relay System, Ground segment.
  • Using the expertise that we have developed in modern antenna drive and control systems, InterTronic solutions has designed, provided and installed upgrades in various antenna systems. These upgrades, which included two 27m astronomy systems at OVRO and various antennas for military customers, have resulted in a new lease of life for old, previously non-working systems and all are now accurate and fully functioning remote controlled antenna systems.
GCP certification

InterTronic Solutions’ CGP certification number is 20786.

The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) is a registration and compliance program that regulates access to controlled goods, meaning primarily goods that have military or national security significance, in Canada. Under the authorities of the Defence Production Act (DPA) and the Controlled Goods Regulations, the CGP’s mandate is to strengthen Canada’s defence trade controls through the mandatory registration and regulation of businesses and individuals who examine, possess and/or transfer controlled goods.

Through the CGP certification, we are also compliant to the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) control.

JCP certification

InterTronic Solutions is JCP certified.

Canada and the United States (U.S.) share a unique, long-standing, military and economic relationship. The two countries are partners in the joint defence of North America and have established a bilateral common structure, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), for mutual defence. Canadian industry is a part of the North American Defense Industrial Base. The governments of Canada and the U.S. consult and cooperate on the development of common industrial security procedures and technology controls. The two governments have entered into numerous bilateral agreements that codify and support this longstanding defence and economic relationship.

In 1985, Canada and the U.S. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that established the U.S./Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP). The Program was established to certify contractors of each country for access, on an equally favourable basis, to unclassified technical data disclosing critical technology controlled in Canada by the Department of National Defence (DND) and in the U.S. by the Department of Defense (DoD).

SAM certification
SAM (former CCR)

InterTronic Solutions is registered with SAM.

The System for Award Management is a highly secure, single repository of vendor data used governmentwide. Vendor registration provides common data in one central location via a simple web application accessed by a browser.