Antenna Upgrades

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Motion Control Upgrades

The pointing performance limitation in many older antennas is the mechanism and control system, either though wear, technology limitations or design. In many cases replacement of the motors, encoders and motion control electronics can bring an old antenna up to modern performance standards for a small fraction of the cost of a new antenna.

InterTronic Solutions performs a detailed survey of the existing antenna to determine the feasibility of an upgrade, then we design and install all the new components and software needed to meet customer requirements. Overall this process typically takes six to nine months so, not only is this a financially attractive option, it is also much faster than building a new antenna.

Antennas already successfully upgraded in this way by InterTronic Solutions range from 4 to 27m in diameter, for both radio astronomy and military communications applications. In each case a full new set of electrical systems, motors, encoders, electronic drives and software was successfully installed and commissioned.

The hardware and software used for these upgrades is based on our standard control systems for new antennas, adapted to meet the specific characteristics of the antenna being upgraded. Our data sheet summarises these control systems

Feed Upgrade

InterTronic antennas capability in feed implementation has been extended to creating feed solutions to enable existing antennas to address new operational requirements, either using our own design capability or by the application of feeds from Steatite Q-par Angus Ltd.

The RF design of the new feed is optimized to operate with the reflector system profile(s) and configured mechanically to interface with the existing structure.

Data sheet