HF to UHF Power Amplifiers

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We work with Eltac to develop bespoke solid state RF products, tailored to meet customer's particular needs spanning the frequency range 10kHz to over 1GHz and power levels from Watts to over 20 kWs, including:

  • Ultra linear broadband amplifiers.
  • High power rack mounted HF, VHF or UHF amplifier systems
  • Low phase and amplitude distortion amplifiers

Device technologies used include Silicon Bipolar transistors, LDMOS Silicon power transistors, Silicon Carbide MESFETs, as well as most other available types.
Applications include:

  • Trunked radio
  • Mobile radio base stations
  • Oil refinery communications
  • Military jammer applications
  • Particle physics research
  • Industrial plasma generation

Please contact us with your requirements.


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