Wideband microwave antennas

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We offer the Steatite Antennas range of wide band antennas, positioners, components and complete systems across the radio frequency spectrum.
The products include:

  • Complete EW and ELINT antenna pedestal systems
  • Full range of wideband horn antennas for surveillance and testing applications
  • A range of mm-Wave components
  • Special purpose microwave antennas including high power horn antennas for EMC testing
  • Reflector antennas and positioner systems
  • Sinuous and spiral wideband antennas
  • Log periodic and patch antennas
  • Ultra wide band antennas for EW/ECM applications

Steatite Antennas' capabilities and expertise are available for specialist applications and custom niche products.

Please contact InterTronic Solutions with your requirements.