2m to 6m Multi Purpose Antenna Systems

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InterTronic Solutions 2m to 6m antenna systems are designed to operate from L-band up to Ka-band. They offer very accurate reflector surfaces, precision pointing and a full astronomy grade control system. The pedestals are extremely rigid and can be used in high wind locations. The use of advanced manufacturing techniques results in a major step forward in affordable precision antenna design. They offer exceptional performance for transmit/receive or receive only applications. We also offer an optional 180˚ elevation range of motion for keyhole elimination.

The 2m-6m sized pedestal system is available with many configurations of motor drives to suit the payload and environment requirements. Typical pointing and tracking accuracies are better than 0.01 degrees and these are suitable for tracking LEO/MEO and other faster moving targets. The systems feature full remote control and multiple modes of operation for pointing and tracking. Installed in Owens Valley as part of the EOVSA project, these precision antennas form a state of the art array.